SEO & PPC Consultancy Services

Morgan Online Marketing offers consultancy services covering both sides of the search engine marketing equation: SEO and PPC. Some businesses prefer to utilise one over the other, while others like to adopt both simultaneously! If you need help in deciding which one is right for you and your business then please do not hesitate to get in touch.



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) affects the “natural” or “organic” results, which search engines such as Google order in terms of relevance, popularity and authority. Various techniques and strategies can be implemented to improve your chances of appearing at the top of Google for the keywords that your customers are typing into search engines.

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PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising affects the “ad” or “sponsored” results, usually found at the top and right-hand side of a search engine result page. You can bid for any keyword you want, but you have to pay for the privilege – every click you receive through to your site costs you money, the amount depending on how much you’re willing to bid, depending on the industry and level of competition.

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