Off-site Optimisation

Long-term Off-site Optimisation Strategies

Off-site optimisation (also known as inbound link building) can be very challenging to do properly and correctly, but it can also be very rewarding. While on-site optimisation is also very important, off-site optimisation is one of the strongest factors as far as SEO is concerned. Put simply, you can write/say whatever you want on your website, but if other websites back up who you are and what you do, then search engines will be more confident in showing your website in their results.

In competitive industries, on-site optimisation may not be enough to succeed. Off-site optimisation – carried out on an on-going basis – may also be required, not only to rank in the first place, but also to stay there.

Link Building – It’s All About Quality, Not Quantity

It’s not simply a numbers game, either. Search engines such as Google value quality over quantity and also value relevance and authority. Therefore, if you can acquire and encourage links from sites relevant to your industry and from popular websites (or ideally both!) then you are sure to be rewarded with better search engine rankings.

There are dozens – even hundreds – of different off-site optimisation tactics that a business can implement. While some will be more general and can be applied to all websites in all industries, some may be industry-specific or depend on what else you do as a business. For example, if you create content or engage in PR then there may be ways to leverage them for SEO, too.

I take a consultative and collaborate approach – therefore I will advise and make recommendations on strategies based on what you’ve done before, what you’re doing now and what you want to do (and where you want to be) in the future, in order to make sure that everything you do now and in the future is carried out with SEO in mind.

If you’d like to learn more about off-site optimisation (a.k.a. link building) and how it can help your website (and its search engine rankings) then please get in touch today!