My Approach

My Approach to Search Engine Marketing

My approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is slightly unique to that of many other SEO providers at present.

SEO has changed dramatically in recent years and it is becoming impossible for an agency to simply carry out the work in an entirely external or ‘siloed’ capacity. More than ever, SEO is a supportive element of all other areas of marketing, online and even offline. While there are many elements of SEO that a professional like myself can implement manually, there are also elements that coincide with a business’ overall marketing strategy. When taking on a client, I would advise on the best ways to maximise the SEO potential of the business’ other efforts in alignment with their overall business goals, but ultimately my relationship with clients is more of a partnership than that of a customer-supplier relationship.

Therefore, a consultative and collaborative approach is required in order to maximise success going forward. I believe that those who do will maximise their chances of success within the realm of search engine marketing now and in the long run.

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